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Welcome to Evolution Personal Training, Bournemouth’s premier Private Studio offering dedicated personal training that works with you to work for you. If you're looking for the best personal training in Bournemouth, whatever your fitness goals and whatever your lifestyle, my tailored personal training approach means that the physique you’ve always dreamed of can be a reality. No hassles, no distractions - just one on one personal training that fits around the way you want to live, in the body you want to live it in.

Dedication, motivation, Evolution. 


There’s personal training - and then there’s Evolution Personal Training. Forget the hassles and stresses of a public gym and enjoy the complete privacy of Evolution’s own Personal Studio. Based in Bournemouth and fully equipped with all the latest cutting-edge gym equipment and technology, the Evolution studio is yours and yours alone for the duration of the session - right down to what goes on the stereo. With a fully tailored training session based solely around your personal goals, there’s no distraction or holds ups - just full speed ahead, fully focused personal training programme that’s unique to you.


Tailored Training Packages

We offer a range of specialist personal training packages targeting to your specific goals. Whether it’s a question of losing weight, building muscle, increasing your fitness or cleaning up your eating regime - Evolution Personal Training has the answer. 



Rehab Lab

Whether it’s a major muscle mishap that’s stopped you in your tracks, or an old weakness that has kept you from training the way you want - injury is always an unwelcome presence in anyone’s fitness portfolio. You might think that you can’t reach your physical peak because of an injury, past or present. The awesome news is that in 99% of cases, that simply isn’t the case - especially not at Evolution Personal Training. With specialist tailored personal training that’s unique to you, your workout can be centred around your body’s needs to rehabilitate injuries and have you training better than ever before. At Evolution Personal Training, there’s no such thing as out of the game.



Sports Massage

It’s not just busy life commitments that can get in the way of your fitness goals. Aches, pains or just fatigue can also be an obstacle on your path to the perfect physique. Not one to let anything stand in the way of optimal training form, I am fully qualified in Sports Massage. This deeper technique of massage is a hugely effective tool in combatting a range of problems. As well as being beneficial on a muscular level, Evolution Sports Massage also soothes, relaxes and rejuvenates leaving you ready to not only train hard, but to take on the world - and win.




Questions? Just want to say hi? Get in touch!

You’ve come this far, so by now you’re probably really keen to find out where you’re currently at and how Evolution Personal Training can get you where you want to be. Well, that’s simple. It takes just a couple of clicks to arrange your free personal training consultation here in Bournemouth. Come and chat to me in the comfort of the Evolution personal studio, take a look around and get seriously excited about getting seriously fit.

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