We all know that the hard work is nothing without the results. Here's what some of Evolution's clients have to say about their personal training journey.


“After I started training with James I noticed an overall improvement in fitness almost immediately.  I’ve now been following his diet advice and training with him regularly for over a year and I’ve observed a significant increase in strength and flexibility.

The sessions are fun and relaxed; I like the fact that the exercises vary from session to session so it never gets boring.  I originally tried working out in a ‘pay-monthly’ gym but now that I’ve seen the difference a professionally tailored and continually monitored routine can make I would never go back.“
- Karl Hulme


“Since I began training with James my motivation and therefore my improvements in body form and strength have amazed me. His subtle yet firm and focused approach makes every session very enjoyable, with satisfying results in a remarkably quick time“ 
- Chas Rowden


“Every training session with James is great fun but also challenging. As I’m a businesswoman with very little time, he always makes time to fit me into his schedule - even if it means being in the gym at 5.30am! He always uses new and testing exercises to keep my body in great shape and target the areas I want to work. He always gives me focus and great results!“
-Sarah Baker


“James is great, and very flexible. being ex-military, I get bored very quickly with the usual routines, James quickly sorts out a new and varied training programme.”
- Steve Evans


“I underwent major surgery in 2007 and had tried to get fit for ages. I asked for advice from trainers at normal gyms, but all were so wary of helping that it just didn’t work. Not James - he has had the patience and experience to train me back to basic fitness and I am now starting to find a standard of fitness which I didn’t think was possible. His sessions are fun, varied and they work!”
- Karen McMorrough-Walker


“I’ve been a member of various gyms over the years and soon get bored. You always work harder when pushed and James knows just how to push! My wife and I started training with James before our wedding three years ago and have noticed our fitness improve massively. If you want to train hard and see results give him a call! Every session leaves you exhausted but wanting more! He’s got all kinds of little tricks and surprises up his sleeve to stop you getting bored and keep the sessions varied and interesting. If you are serious about wanting to get fit, and are prepared to work hard, James WILL get you there!”
- Marc Chubb


“I’ve been with James for the past few years and it’s nice to do real 1:1 training. There are other personal trainers in Bournemouth, but they try to push you towards group sessions which isn’t what I want. I’ve found James to be accommodating with my work schedule and there’s been times where we’ve been up running before dawn! I achieved the results I asked for in a short period of time and it’s now fun to try new techniques and methods to improve my fitness and maintain the body I worked for.”
- Ross Darch